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February 2024

  • Our article is published in Applied Materials Today.
    This paper contributes to realize the presentation of matrials, structures, and devices from the viewpoint of numerical simulation based on prior triboelectric and piezoelectric research.

January 2024

  • Our article is published in Construction and Building Materials.
    This paper evaluates the mechanical charcteristics of eco-friendly 3D printed concrete through numerical simulations and data-driven modeling.

December 2023

  • We received a research grant from Louisiana Tech University's IfM Research Innovation Initiative program to explore enhanced cementitious materials towards energy-efficient concrete infrastructure.

September 2023

  • We received a research grant from the Louisiana Materials Design Alliance (LAMDA) supported by the NSF and the Louisiana Board of Regents to develop an advanced materials design framework employing machine learning, specifically tailored for characterizing the properties of 3D-printed aluminum materials..


September 2023

  • Nazila Jamshidi and Rashmi Bhaila joined our lab as PhD students. We are excited to have them both. Welcome Nazila and Rashmi!

August 2023

  • We received a research grant from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) and Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC) to ascertain a collaborative opportunities among structural health monitoring, visual inspections facilitated by unmanned aerial vehicles and computer vision to advancing the prevailing methodologies employed for bridge condition assessment.

August 2023

  • Our article is published in Advanced Engineering Materials.
    This paper explores the fabrication processes of mechanical metamaterials using micro/nanotechnology and highlights recent progress and future trends in adva
    nced fabrication technologies for mechanical metamaterials.

August 2023

  • Our recent article is published in Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence.
    This paper presents a comprehensive review of high-dimensional data analytics techniques including matrix factorization and tensor decomposition in civil engineering arena.

August 2023

  • The Intelligent, Data-Driven, Emerging & Adaptive Systems Technology (IDEASTech) Laboratory launched the group website.

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